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17.09.2011 13:21, Louis Avallon from Somerset, U.K. Homepage :
Thank you for a very interesting read. I arrived at your site in the process of acquiring internet info re. the 'anti-smoking brigade'. I will in due course present an article on the site.
I'll be quoting heavily from your writings and Judith Hatton's, naturally providing the necessary source links. Will try to direct supportive site visitors to your site.
Will communicate via email soon.
Once again - thank you.

15.01.2011 10:00, Steve Cartwright from Glasgow :
I saw you had uploaded my "Nick Lowles" piece. Cheers!
The lads at the RVF did it a couple of years ago too and put it on their site. lefiles/lowlesearchlies.htm
You may find that helpful when referencing quickly.
14 Words. Steve Cartwright.

12.09.2009 08:14, Akira E-mail Homepage :
You wrote:

"Bill Gates, startling as it is that the super-rich can grow richer simply by sitting on their wealth, at least Mr Gates and his kind are wealth creators. Gates is one of the most hated men on this planet, reviled as a capitalist parasite simply because he is so rich, but leaving aside his commitment to philanthropy he is undoubtedly one of the great benefactors of mankind. His company Micro$oft has been in the forefront of the computing revolution that has put cheap, affordable PCs on office desktops and in homes across the world empowering ordinary people (in Gates' own terminology)."

I agree with you about the goodness of inventors, innovators, producers, etc. However Gates is where he is because his family is pure Rockefellerian. His granfather was one of the Rockys main propagandists. His father was a Klanned Parenthood high priest who Bill fondly recalls would talk about the need to cull the "useless eaters" at the dinner table. And Gates' so-called "charity" is just a taxpayer-subsidized carrying out of the Masonic agenda. [A form of World Zionism -- oligarchy -- collectivist slavery for the masses and everything for the elect -- etc]

Anyway, I realize that you might also have come to realize these things since you wrote that in 2002. But just in case you haven't, I hope you'll give it some thought, look into it.

God bless you. Good work. Interesting YouTube videos.

- Akira

12.09.2009 08:04, Akira E-mail Homepage :
Thanks for your attempts to combat this monstrous tyranny.

It's an uphill climb, to say the least, but don't be demoralized.

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Entries: 14
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