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12.05.2017 11:38, Karl from Australia E-mail :
So hi there this is the first time I have stumbled on to your website. So who or what exactly are you. Are you Jewish? Or non-Jewish? Are you pro-Jewish or anti-Semitic. It's hard for me to read you at times as in I don't know if you're joking or not. So are you Jewish or not? Or are you pro-Jewish or not?

12.11.2016 21:42, Elsie Higgs from London E-mail Homepage :
I am glad I found your site and want to congratulate you on your piece about Rolf Harris.

May I link it to my website please? It will be linked on the 'interesting articles' page of


Elsie Higgs

26.04.2016 18:50, Tuppy Owens from Highlands E-mail Homepage :
Brilliant man, watching you work with Ted Goodman, you made a wonderful, contrasting duo. I tried to merge NCROPA with Feminists against Censorship but those women were slimey man-haters so that was a total failure. Not of your caibre. The *1***ual Freedom Coalition flourished in the late 90's and managed to get some changes and everything looked like it was going to be sexual freedom and liberation for ever, but sex sits on a pendulum and I live to see all your and my work go down the swanny

10.04.2015 23:44, Ray from Virginia, USA E-mail :
Mr. Baron,
You disappeared off the internet for a while and I thought you had been banned. Glad to see you are back. I really enjoy your writting.

27.03.2015 08:24, Bill Baillie from London E-mail Homepage :
Good to see your site up and running again.

20.02.2014 22:53, The Webmaster Homepage :
Today I deleted some abusive messages; unfortunately I deleted a couple of bona fide ones too. My apologies for this, but thank you gentlemen for both your kind words and your support.

22.10.2012 13:43, Austen Green from USA, Nebraska E-mail Homepage :
Very little has been added to this site over the past year or so, but today I have something worthwhile to crow about."

If this is the case then you need to make your website appealing because if its not everyday people will not read what you have to say.

21.06.2012 16:33, crop circles E-mail Homepage :
Fantastic work!
ps: jewish its a religion not a race

19.06.2012 00:46, laytonchick from United States E-mail :
First of all, "Jewish" is a religion, not a race ... genetics have proven this, if common sense does not prevail. Christianity is a branch off of the tree of Judaism ... Jesus was a Jew ... so how could we be different "races"?

I do agree with you about one thing ... "many of *them* actually endorse the anti-social, destructive, and at times anti-___ behaviour of the parasites in their midst."

You are in my midst and you are both a parasite & embarrassment to "white" people everywhere ...

01.12.2011 01:23, Eileen :
Fantastic work!
Happened upon you in wondering if Lina Carty
was innocent..

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Entries: 14
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